Thursday, November 16, 2006


Oh yeah, "intraparty warfare."

Hoyer beats Murtha for Majority Leader in the House. RESOUNDINGLY. Going away. No matter how much the radio screamers or the shrill machines on the right wanted Democrats to, no matter how big this relatively small procedural vote overshadowed any other really real news for the past three days, no matter how much the naysayers and detractors want to make mountains out of this molehill, the Party isn't jumping off a cliff anytime soon.

Sorry, fellas.

I mean, what a difference a year makes. Wasn't DeLay making headlines as Majority Leader just this time last year? It sure feels like it. How long was DeLay Majority leader? How long did the Hammer rule the house, making the rules up as he went along? How many headlines did he get hold of? How much embarassment did he bring to real conservatives and Texans everywhere? When was the last time he was challenged, within his party, for leadership, without a Federal or State subpoena being involved?

And they tried to make Hoyer v Murtha some dynasty sounding stuff. I was waiting to see Don King describing the build up on the O'Really Factor.

That's what you get from the Party of realism, however: A Speaker from California balanced with a centrist Majority Leader from Maryland. No groupthink to see here. This is what a big tent looks like, y'all: variety.

And Trent Lott got the Minority Whip position for the Senate Republicans, reemerging as a leader despite Karl Rove & Tennessee's leadership takeover with Dr. Frist. Though the left wing shrill machine may make a lot of hay over Lott's affable comments to an ailing old man on his retirement day, at least he knows how to be a Senator and a leader. Perhaps we will go down fewer Schaivo Roads with him near the top of the Republican Reinvention*.

(*As they struggle to remember what this "conservatism" thing that they talk about all the time really is....)

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