Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Family Time

I find it difficult to keep up with the news media and the minute details of what particular pundits are saying about what these days. In a way, I've gone from 'plugged in base' to 'muggle' in a few short weeks. Amazing how quickly that change can come about when TV goes away and you aren't a slave to the 24 hour news cycle.

I've also noticed another thing: family time destroys pundit time. Perhaps this is the best signal that civilization is not yet in the dumps. When the kids are around, what Bill O' Reilly or Al Franken says are far, far, far less important in the scheme of things, and rightly so.

Last night, Halloween, was an absolute delight to see in New Orleans. I'm not talking about whatever beautiful madness they had going on at the corner of Frenchman and Esplanade (as the stories of costumes and street theatre are nothing short of legendary), I'm talking about what goes on in a neighborhood full of children whose parents are taking them for an evening stroll on a night where even the adults dress up and have as much fun have divesting themselves of sweets as the kids have collecting the loot. So that's what 'the joys of being a parent' are.

I got to play the role of 'media' (I had a camera) last night, and trapsed up and down the avenue as parents and kids formed a column of screamed and ignored orders that hit an absolute obstacle every time the vanguard reached street they weren't allowed to cross without 'adult supervision.' It was a great deal of fun for kids and parents alike, and was nothing like anything I had ever seen. I had imagined that this is what Halloween was supposed to look like, but had never really seen it happen this way. Though I know not where parents get the energy to work all day and play with kids all night.

Two other family links today: the always proud DADvocate brags on his kids today, and Hip Mama's got a hilarious post at Flagpole. That last one rings especially true for all of us who are either parents or Creswell Hall denziens who have a true appreciation for sidewalk chalk.

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liberalandproud said...

My mom's working on a house in Waverly Pines. We didn't have any Trick-or-Treaters in our neighborhood, so we went over to the WP house to see what little devils might be proeling for goodies. What a turnout! I had stocked up pretty well, but we still ran out of candy! My favorites were the inventive homemade costumes. I als o liked the kids who didn't bother dressing up, and just walked around with a bag asking for treats. Sweet.