Friday, November 10, 2006

Hard Hitting Post Game

There are a lot of right wing editorials trying to round up the election analysis these days. Contrary to the shrill "country is going over a cliff-ism" emerging from some blogs and talk radio concerning the election returns, many of us who are on the left and Democratic side of this maintain that this election wasn't a mandate for any particular ideology, it was because the Republican Congress was one of the worst ever.

But while the 'blame the Democrats machine' is already working, before any new members can even be sworn in, predicting future doom for the nation, many of us are continuing the calls of BS against the machine.

Excellent post by Your Right Hand Theif.

Some highlights:

"I love these conservatives who are now saying that the past six years of total GOP rule didn't represent "true conservatism". Yeah, no freakin' kidding. Thanks for the belated "head's up", though!"

"Why? Because power corrupts conservatives, too, and liberals should always be able to out-promise them on the campaign trail. (Which explains why conservatives are susceptible to bewitchment by pretty fantasies like supply-side voodoo and neocon foreign policy. Always beware when a so-called conservative is telling you about economic free lunches and easy/cheap nation-building.)"

"And now they are starting to say, "what you saw over the past 6 years wasn't really our 'true' selves."

"Oh, OK. Well, let us know when you stop snorting political faerie dust and return to your "core" principles. In the meantime we'll try to clean up the mess after your binge."
Damn. Just. Damn.

Luckily, many conservatives also mirror this thinking, and to be fair, were fed up with the Repbulcian Party's ineptitude for a while. Though they may be unduly frightened witless by the prospect of a Democratic legislature being as bad as this one, they need to keep that in mind the next time they win the majority when keeping their own folks in line. (Here's a hint, spend less time worrying what inconsequential 'liberals' think, and spend more time worrying about what how your own folks are doing/not doing their jobs....) DADvocate has a short round up here.


Anonymous said...

I hope people realize that my post is as much satire as it is serious. I didn't really panic although I did sit in the corner and shake for an entire day. :-)

As I have stated on at least one occasion, I've been disappointed with Republicans of late. I have no real party loyalty. I judge candidates according to how close they come to my values and ideas.

I do find some humor in turning the tables on accusations of voter fraud and the such but after a week or so it needs to stop. What I would like to see is a more fundamental change in both parties in which they show more concern for the typical American citizen and less concern for simply being in power.

dillyberto said...

That Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief can post, I mean, post.

Especially on the political issues.

Welcome to town, Georgia product.

Patrick Armstrong said...

DAD: Yeah, I think most of us got the satire, though the thought of conservatives sitting in the corner for any amount of time - even imaginary corners - is theraputic.

Then I remember my reaction to that Georgia-Tennessee score, and hate to think of anyone sitting in a corner, shaking.

Most of us on the Blue team are very well aware of y'all's disappointment with the GOP of late, and we are quite sure much of that disappointment allowed us to retake the legislature. Remember many folks were awful tired of Democratic shenanigans in the runup to 1994, too.

But, hell, we were tired of being beat up by folks y'all didn't even like.

Luckily, the victory laps being run by the Dems have been loudly drowned out by calls on them to deliver (these, too, before they've even been sworn in).

This is especially true in Louisiana, where the Congressional delegation has lost signifcant sway. But the Democrats promised to fight for the Gulf Coast against all the ways the GOP let people down (Levees, coastal restoration, revenue sharing from offshore oil drilling).

If the Dems fail to do a better job on that, you won't even be able to hear Limbaugh and Coulter over the howling NOLA Democratic base.

Democrats do have a mandate from the people: to do a better job than the clowns currently holding the post. They let us down at their own risk.

Dillyberto: Yes, yes Oyster can. Thank you for the welcome. You locals sure know how to treat us Georgia folks well. New Orleanians have plied me with more work and alcohol in the past six weeks than I had in the previous six months.