Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Commutes

First of all, got two things accomplished yesterday that I’m down here on the Gulf Coast to do. Primero, help get the greedy lion’s share of my cousin’s stuff moved out of Alabama and back to New Orleans. Segunda, play music in front of people in the Central Time Zone, specifically the Knock Knock Lounge in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. The first involved a Penske truck and a blown out tire. The second involved a very small crowd who still danced, a drummer who hadn’t played on a kit since 48 hours before Katrina, and two Georgia transients on the Gulf Coast – one we call Bandit.

Then, first thing I read on the internet this morning is Dante’s post here, which made me laugh out loud. It’s gonna be a good week, bubba.

Here’s your commute for Monday:

It always feels like election time in New Orleans. Earlier this year was the Mayor’s race. This fall was the national, statewides, and local elections (which still aren’t over), and next year is the battle royale for Governor of Louisiana (which I’ll handicap right now as a big win for Bobby Jindal, 57 – 43).

But before we really get into all that, there is the matter of Karen Carter v. “Dollar” Bill Jefferson for Congress. Tim Tegaris is down in New Orleans, covering the LA – 2 campaign for MyDD. NOLA bloggers Ashley Morris, Matiri, Adastros, and Oyster spent some time showing him around.

I’ll tell you why this is very important. One reason the Democrats won the national Congressional elections has to do with the aftermath of Katrina. Not a primary reason, I’ll grant you, but a reason nonetheless. Pelosi and the Democrats made some awful big promises to do better helping the recovery of the Gulf Coast than the current crop of congressmen, and the NOLA bloggers (generally a pretty left of center bunch) are watching very, very closely to make sure those promises are delivered on. MyDD is one of the big liberal/Democratic blogs that reaches a great many individuals in the national liberal/Democratic “plugged in” base. So, having some NOLA bloggers who lived the storm and the recovery interacting with the national blogosphere is very important when it comes to dispelling myths and going over the hard on-the-ground truths that the national media tends to sensationalize or generalize.

Speaking of the current crop of congressmen, and perhaps the main reason the Democrats were successful, A La Gauche points us to this opinion piece about the derailing of the 1994 Republican Revolution because of the individuals involved. (And the "chess club on steroids" refrence also plays in the week running up to the Georgia - Georgia Tech game which plays heavily on my mind...)

Though I would disagree with the contention that the Senators cut a finer figure (please see: Santorum, Cornyn, Allen, Vitter & Frist’s shenanigans on the right, and – not to be forgotten – John “Foot in Mouth” Kerry on the left), and that we have seen the last of the Gingrich (2008 campaign for President is gearing up). The examples of moral lapses v moral language to win elections is one of the reasons this congressional cul de sac has met its current end, its corruption of actual conservatism and its notorious distinction as Worst Congress Ever (or awfully close).

On a more local note along the same lines G-Bitch points to the ‘disaster profiteering’ being allowed by some state and federal agencies in the cleanup of the Gulf Coast. You want to know why it costs so much to Defend New Orleans? “Flood prone” ain’t the half of it.

And one post script I kinda forgot to add last week. DADvocate
links us to GMRoper’s groupthink analysis of Democrats and ‘their allies.’

If anyone was wondering what my last week’s references to groupthink were about, here’s the origin. Though I am glad to see GM point out that such groupthink affects the other side as well, I found many of his examples of Democratic allies' shenanigans to be extreme. To reiterate: groupthink affects every subgroup ever, from Frat Boys and Townies to Southerners and Yankees to Red State and Blue State, Left Coast and Flyover Territory. As we’ve seen already with this group of Democrats (who, having yet to be sworn in, have gotten a great deal done already) are anything but a lockstep group of ideologues afraid to disagree with one another.

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