Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random election thoughts....

First, a not so random thought. Thank you, Georgia voters for re-electing Sonny Perdue. Not so much for any Republican leanings I may have. I wouldn't have been all that upset with Governor Taylor. Thank you though for putting the flag issue to rest. The "flag" vote doesn't matter. It never did. We don't care about the stars and bars. This was not the issue that got Sonny elected and it's sure not an issue in his reeclection.

When did Republicans become red and Democrats become blue? When I was a kid, it was the opposite. I remember the big blue map with the little red dots from the 1984 Presidential election.

It was good to see the more conservative candidate win in Rhode Island. In fact, in most of the tight Senate races, the more conservative candidate won. Then again, "more conservative" doesn't mean much. I'm pretty sure Leon Trotsky was "more conservative" than Lincoln Chafee.

All the blame being laid at Bush's feet is on issues that Congress ultimately controls. It seems like with their jobs on the line, Republicans could've tried a bit harder and maybe stood up to the President more than once or twice.

I watched about three hours of election coverage from two different networks (Fox and CBS) and I never once heard anything about the issues of the Democratic Party, only the inadequacies of the Republican Party. If Democrats want to keep control for any length of time, they need to find a way to capitalize on this victory. "I oppose Bush" isn't a sustainable election platform.

There are people without eyeliner in India and Ethiopia because Katie Couric used it all up. That was a cheap shot but on a more serious note, I can see why absolutely nobody watches the CBS Evening News anymore. If CBS weren't my only source for Athens area election results, I would've changed channel a few minutes into coverage. Couric is an abysmal anchor.

And finally, where is Newt when conservatives need him? Oh that's right, House Republicans sold him up the river after the gov't lockdown.

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