Monday, November 20, 2006

Return of the Return of the Dragon

I knew President Bush was displeased about the most recent election results but I didn't think he'd resort to Kung Fu action to avenge his party's losses. Alas, it looks as both the President and Russian President Putin are both training to be bad@$$ kung fu warriors. Bush could not be reacheed for comment but Putin did release a statement: "Anyone who opposes us will be destroyed!"

Before Training
After Training

Bonus intrasite circular reference


Patrick Armstrong said...

I saw that picture of the Tar Heel blue silk thing that the leaders were wearing today in the paper and almost lost my coffee. Nothing says "take me seriously" like a man in a blue silk kung fu gown.

I wonder if Chuck Norris ever wore one of those?

patsbrother said...

On the cover of either the AJC or NY Times (I was walking by at a pace), was a picture of a number of heads of state. Most of the men were in blue, and the one woman was in pink or orange. Then there was some random guy in yellow. What up with that?