Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That Didn't Take Long

Wow. Talk about an immediate effect. Democrats take the the House just before midnight, and just after noon the next day, Rumsfeld Resigns. They haven't even been sworn in, and already they're doing a better job!


Dante said...

Bush has to move fast here. If Rumsfeld isn't going to be around in the forseeable future, then Bush needs to drop him now so the current Senate can confirm the new nominee.

S.A.W.B. said...

Don't get too gleeful here, paT. Remember, you may have disliked Rumsfeld, but you may find out you'da rather had him than Bob Gates...

Patrick Armstrong said...

Gates is a better pick, having heard about him before. Remember, getting rid of Rumsfeld isn't a gleeful "look how the mighty have fallen" type thing, it isn't a cosmetic change. Anything concerning this from me that sounds 'gleeful' is really a giant sigh of relief. Rumsfeld has proven to be more of an egghead bean counter than a strategist. He has not been effective in planning or effecting strategy. Most of the 'love' shown to him comes from punditry who were 'gleeful' at the way Rummy treated reporters, and constantly hammered critics with sayings like 'back off' and 'you just don't understand.'

As if window dressing had anything to do with winning wars.

You remember my lamentations for so long about this Administration, that even in other Republican administrations, there were at least adults in the room?

Gates is someone I would consider 'one of the adults.' He was part of the team that strategized the 100 Hours War of 1991 into one of the most lopsided victories in military history.

I pray that Gates is wildly more successful than his predecessor, both in terms of achieving stategic goals and in winning this thing so our people can come home.