Friday, November 10, 2006

Whiskey is a Hell of a Drug

And the award for "Best Performance Combining Litigation and MouthBreathing" goes to these two winners in California. I can't stop laughing at this one. I don't know what's funnier, the fact that they showed up with their faces 'plastered' across the big screens of America and then asked for their names not to be mentioned on the lawsuit, or the fact that their instinct to get on camera as drunken exhibitionists outweighed their prior knowledge that frat boys aren't usually portrayed as nice guys in comedies. (Cause you know they've seen Animal House at least once...)

For those folks out there that may think the media and feminism are the co-conspirators in making American men look like the biggest toolboxes on the planet, I'll now refer you all to Beavis and Butt-head here as exhibits A & B that, we don't appear to need any help in that department.

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petallic said...

I was really hoping you'd have a thread on this. I saw this article earlier today and was amused to tears. I even showed it to my students as an example of, "When you act like an idiot, be man enough to face the consequences. Your idiocy is your own fault. Alcohol and cameras don't mix."

It was a triple whammy; I love those.

Do people actually still try to blame feminists for the bad rap American men get? I thought that had gone the way of bra-burning. You guys need no help from us.

Let me give you a prime example:

I did the pre-game announcing for our Senior Night at the high school tonight. After announcing the football players' tiny lists of accomplishments that mostly read, "Smith McSmith is accompanied by his parents. He has played football for four years," followed by a long pause as they walked the long walk across the field, I then read the introductions for the Senior Cheerleaders, whose lists of accomplishments were impressive as hell. As I was pausing between girls, one of the guys next to me in the press box said, "Of course their lists are longer. They're cheerleaders. That's what they do." And he said it in a MEAN way, like volunteering at the retirement home is expected of cheerleaders 'cause they have so little else to do.

Honestly, you guys don't need any help from us. You do just fine on your own making yourself look like tools.