Friday, December 29, 2006

Bad Day for the Bad Guys

Saddam Hussien executed. I guess that's Texas justice aptly applied. "You don't wait on Death Row for fifteen years, Jack, you move right to the front of the line. Other states are trying to ban the death penalty, mine's puttin' in an express lane." -Ron White

Mighty, Mighty Ethiopia backing the UN supported Somali government in exile, has driven the asshole brigade out of Mogadishu in five days. Tired of UN fruitlessness and Western neglect, Ethiopia, usually associated in Western media with famine and starving children, is apparently not the best nation to declare a Holy War against because it appears they have acquired Soviet era tanks, artillery and jet fighters. But, being the good sports that they are, they refused to enter the Somali capitol and left that honor to the Somali troops they had fought alongside. UN Humanitarian shipments began landing at Mogadishu's airport today.

(Hey, isn't Ethiopia near Darfur? I hear boot-to-ass redeaux...)

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