Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Culture shock?!

Let me start off by saying that I really don't care which politicians claim to be in touch and which ones don't bother to pretend. I don't care that politicians are sometimes crooked as long as they're not crooked at the expense of policymaking (when they are, I try to speak out and vote accordingly). And I really don't care that politicians tend to be on a buddy system that rewards their friends to positions they're not always qualified for since the folks who don't know what they're doing typically hire enough compotent people around them that things don't completely break down. But the news article I linked to is just too much. Members of the House are complaining that they'll have to work a 5 day week!

House leadership makes the rules as far as work schedule and they have to show up to work, too. There's nothing wrong with scheduling a 5 day work week (that doesn't start until 6:30PM on Monday and ends at 2PM on Friday) as long as everyone is expected to attend. The response that really put me on the warpath is this one by Jack Kingston (R-GA): "Keeping us up here eats away at families. Marriages suffer. The Democrats could care less about families -- that's what this says."

Jack, if your marriage and family life will suffer so much from your job, then maybe you should find another line of work. That's what most people in that situation do. Instead you went out of your way to secure a job that will certainly keep you away from your family for extended periods even with the shorter work week. I think Pat knows some reverend who is willing to take your spot if it's too much a burden.

I doubt everyone is taking the same stance as Kingston, Gallegy (R-CA), Schultz (D-FL), and others. That these folks would publicly complain about it seems a bit odd to me. Even if they do have an issue with the work week, crying about it to the media is hardly the answer. It just makes them come off as looking lazy. I know they sure look lazy to me. And I don't even really care that they're lazy. I kind of expect it and given the current situation, kind of welcome it. But if they're going to pout about being expected to work a full week, they should cry to their mothers. I'm not interested in hearing about it.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Thank you for this article, Dante. There's really so much that can be said about this.

It is one thing to have a job where you work 1/3 of the year while getting paid a lot of cash to do it. But to complain about a job where you have to show by Monday at 6:30 PM?? What puddins.

I'm sorry Ol' Jackie Boy and the rest of the gang have to actually show up for work nowadays. I wonder what Congress did for those first 100 or so years when we didn't have planes to ferry their fannies back and forth.

I mean, its not like any of these cats ran for their seat without the knowledge that the commute is, in fact, to Washington City. I mean, what part of the job description didn't they understand?

I'm surprised Jackie Boy made that quote: "Democrats could care less about families" in defense of a 1/3 of the year, two day work week.

But yeah, I do, in fact, know a certain Reverend who would be willing to fill in for Jackie Boy if the 4 day work week is just too much for him to handle.

liberalandproud said...

And that Reverend will be up Sunday morning preaching, too, I bet!

rightonpeachtree said...

That ticked me off, too. Sounds like Jack has some time management problems or is just lazy. I agree that it's important to spend some time in your district. However, you can't just shirk your legislative responsibilities. That's one of the reasons the Republicans lost the House -- folks didn't see them getting anything done.

If he (or others) doesn't like it, he can go sell cars or sell insurance.

On a separate note, they should streamline the stupid bridge and street renamings. Let aides handle it or knock them out in a designated hour each week or whatever. It's not rocket science.

Or if being home is such a big deal, why don't they use teleconferences on Fridays? That might be better because the lobbyist leeches wouldn't have as much access to these sellouts.

Anonymous said...

The leaving Congress is probably the laziest, most "do-nothing" Congress in history. I blogged on this incredible laziness a few weeks ago. And now some are complaining because they might actually have to work. I'm with you. They can go find another job with the real working schleps like us.

BTW - what are "compotent people?" :-)

Dante said...

"what are "compotent people?""

For starters, they're probably people who can spell.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh yeah, and to tell Jack what he really thinks, This Guy hits it with both barrels.

petallic said...

I really do wonder if they know how petulant they sound when they say such inane things.

On the other hand, people always balk at change. We're currently (still, for those of you I've told) embroiled in a war between teachers and our central office, who in their wisdom installed time clocks to track teachers' hours. To a factory worker, our howls of protest probably seem like the rantings of spoiled ninnies, but to us it's a huge deal. No one likes having their routine messed with or being told they're not working hard enough.

Eh, I can see where he's coming from, but it's crap nonetheless.