Monday, December 04, 2006

Do's and Don'ts

Are you kidding me? Ambassador John "Milk Mustache" Bolton is out, getting yet another one of the toddlers out of positions of influence and hopefully replacing "smack talk" with "diplomacy" as far as the United States' foreign policy is concerned.

We should have elected all these Democrats years ago!! I would also like to go on record as saying, again, they haven't even been sworn in yet and the mere thought of them coming to Washington City is enough to get needed changes out of this Administration.

Speaking of the fact that they haven't even been sworn in yet, tell me how reasonable Howard Dean sounds when he tells fellow Democrats they're gonna have to govern effectively if they want to win again in 2008?

"George Bush made a huge mistake by representing half of America, while treating the rest of us with contempt," Dean said. "We need to reach out to everybody whether they agree with us or not."
That's a long way from "Yeeeaahhhhggghhhhh!!"

Compare that to how out of touch this clown sounds like:

We have already learned the Democrat agenda of raising taxes and surrendering key fronts in the war on terror," said Republican National Committee spokesman Danny Diaz. "Republicans over the next two years will focus on holding Democrats accountable and recommitting to reforms that deliver for hardworking families."
Uhhh, line one on the cluephone, Mr. Reform: you had 14 years to deliver for hardworking families, and you violated that most basic tenet of conservative values - y'all failed. Miserably. And I don't recall a 'surrender' of anything not called 'Donald Rumsfeld' and 'John Bolton' and 'GOP Congress,' so I reckon, Mr. Reform, that you're kinda confused.

Even more trouble for Mr. 'Reform' is that their most reasonable and recognizable candidates for President in 2008 have to run the guantlet that is the GOP Primaries, something that's looking like a difficult road. I mean, are we gonna get your best shot in the form of Giuliani or are you going to hand Clinton the Presidency by nominating Brownback? Newt is probably y'all's only hope, but we might see the Libertarian - Republican Coalition Split in 08, depending on who shows up for the Primaries.

It may hand the Democrats the Presidency till 2012, but think of how truly important a viable Libertarian Party would be that year?

In the realm of how not to act: leftists and faux-liberals around the world took an ideological hit this week with the reelection/coronation of President/Emperor Chavez of Venezuela. Uhh, y'all, there is no place in liberalism for despots. If he does end up amending the Venezuelan Constitution so that he can stay in power indefinitely, he is nothing more than a tyrant, and all our 'intellectual' defenses of him will be worthless in the face of stark and bleeding reality.

Also, Univertsity of Michigan fans are showing a lot of class at their invitation to play in the Rose Bowl instead of the BCS National Championship, for these 10 reasons. Thanks, guys. It is better than throwing flaming paper bags of poo.

(Yeah, that's a must read article for sports fans, btw.)


Anonymous said...

Funny how the extremes of left and right lead to some sort of dictator lead totalitarianism.

I'm glad Florida made it to the BCS Championship game. Now they will end their season with a loss. Go, Buckeyes.

Dante said...

"Newt is probably y'all's only hope"

As much as I love Newt, he'll never be President. Politically speaking, asking your wife to sign divorce papers while she's in the hospital getting treatment for cancer is roughly the equivalent of drunk drivers drowning girls in cars. Sure you can still win a House or Senate seat, but a national election just isn't going to swing your way. Giuliani is probably going to have the most money and more often than not, that's probably good enough for the primary win. I wouldn't pick Giuliani myself but at least real New Yorker vs. fake New Yorker will make for an interesting Presidential race.

And while I'm not the biggest fan of Diaz, he did say recommitting. As in yes they did fail and need to focus a bit more on what got them the power in the first place. You don't have to tell them they failed. They get it, especially the ones who won't be coming back to serve in January. And you don't have to tell us they failed. We get it, too. I'd think you were gloating but surely you're not gloating? After all, "they haven't even been sworn in yet."

As far as the stuff about Democrats raising taxes and surrendering key points in Iraq, it's a little early for that kind of talk. We'll see what they really do. Diaz shouldn't be so defensive already. Republicans need to get in there and introduce legislation containing conservative-like substance even if it gets shot down. Then they've got a leg to stand on as far as crying tax and surrender. Besides, the election's over. No sense in crying foul until there's some legitimate poo to be slung. I do find it amusing that the focus has gone from "tax and spend" to "tax and surrender." That might be because Republicans know they've gone seriously wrong on spending.

And as much as I dislike Florida, I'd rather they take home the national title than some school from that overhyped, numerically challenged conference up north. Go Gators... I guess. I'm just cheesed that the Clemson vs. Texas Gator bowl never happened because the ACC is such an embarrasment that they had to force the bowls to take teams in order of standings. I'd love to see Texas play in person again for the first time since a certain Cotton Bowl game against Georgia.