Monday, December 11, 2006

Hangover Day

Yeah. First New Orleans hangover. I haven't seen a reaction to a sports game like that since Georgia beat Auburn in 2002.


Anonymous said...

My two favorite NFL teams are the Cincinnati Bengals and who ever is playing Dallas. Both my teams won big time yesterday.

Congrats, Saints.

Dante said...

So tell me dadvocate, why the particular malice towards Dallas in your case? Everyone seems to hate Dallas and except for Eagles fans, most of them each have their own unique reasoning. The Cowboys have dropped down a few pegs in my book since the other Saturday Night Massacre (Tom Landry's firing by Jerry Jones, who didn't even own the team at the time), but they're still my second favorite NFL team (behind the Falcons). They'd drop to 3rd if Ditka or Reeves came out of retirement or if Danny White joined left Arena ball for an NFL coaching position.

Dallas Cowboys fans are like SUVs. Judging from what people say about them, you'd think they wouldn't exist anymore but then everywhere you look, there they are.

To remain on topic, the Saints have a good shot at getting a bye week and a better shot at making the playoffs. I think they'll muff this year (most newly talented teams usually do) but if they can hold it together, they could be a serious Super Bowl contender in the next two to four years.

Anonymous said...

My malice towards Dallas goes back to the days of "Hollywood" Henderson in the 70s. Henderson was a particularly obnoxious individual. Dallas seems to frequently have obnoxious players, Terrel Owens being the latest.

Oddly, I like many of their quarterbacks and coaches. Dandy Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, and Troy Aichman were all class acts. Who can complain about Landry and Parsells? Not me.

My sister dated past Cowboy linebacker D.D. Lewis' uncle. (D.D.'s uncle was younger than he.) Cowboy Bill Bates was a Knoxville boy like me.

So I have lot's of reason to like the Cowboys but I hate obnoxious, bad sport athletes. In the past, at least, the Cowboys usually set the standard in that category. Love that Romo kid, however.

Dante said...

Hollywood Henderson. He did end up turning his life around and has been sober for over 20 years now. How a guy like that wins the lottery twice for over $400 million I'll never understand. At least he spends his time now trying to help people overcome drinking and drug problems. He's still a bit of a braggart though.

Given your reasoning, I'm surprised your official answer wasn't Duane Thomas, who has far fewer redeeming qualities both at the time and in the present. Thomas was the original Ricky Williams but he was around a few years earlier than Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember Thomas. I enjoy watching football quite a bit but really don't bother to remember much. If I remember someone in sports, they were either really, really good or outrageous in a bad way. Never having lived close to a pro sports town until more recenty, I often would go an entire NFL season is which the only entire game I watched was the Super Bowl.