Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jackasses of the Year

So, yeah. Remember when we used to run the Jackass of the Month award, way back in January and Februgly? Yeah, that sort of fell by the wayside. However, I have located this year's winners of the JotY award. Ladies and Germs, Allow me to present to you, Charlie Taylor Douglas and Richard Alexander Perry.

Yes, boys and girls, while fat, drunk, and stupid may not be any way to go through life, according to Dean Wormer, it apparently didn't stop these two morans.

Let the mockery commence...


Dante said...

So did these guys come up with the idea of making you register just to look at an ABH article? Because that's as far as I got. I think that would make them worthy of an award but I think ABH did that over a year ago.

I'll do a Google News search for a proper link. Oh, it's those guys. Here's a real link Two charged with attacking UGA mascots .

Patrick Armstrong said...

It takes a real man to attack another man in a furry animal costume. Further proof that while cocaine may be a hell of a drug, whiskey is a hell of a drink.

As full of my cups as I have ever been in watching Georgia sports, this includes the Ole Miss - UGA game of yore and the "PokerRob's Tailgate Ale Fiasco," did I ever consider, nor did my friends consider allowing me, to engage in mortal combat with the mascots of any team, anywhere at anytime.

I mean, I've been running over the thought processes in my head that may lead to the "let's get the guy in costume" and I can't come up with anything.

S.A.W.B. said...

paT, being that you've been party to a number of 'Ale-induced' fiascos (Hey, I know, I'll down two barleywines before kickoff...Hey, I know, let's swing from the Arch like a monkey...Hey, I know, that girl from the bookstore is looking pretty hawt after a fifth of bourbon...), and being that I've been party to several as well, I too am drawing a blank when it comes to getting from:
1 - Attack mascots in furry/inflatable suits
to 2 - ??
to 3 - Profit!