Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Mania

So, instead of do the smart thing and roll around Georgia for another few days, get tickets to the Peach Bowl and make the long haul back to New Orleans on New Year's Eve, I decided to come back on Thursday with Bandit riding shotgun. Because the Grocery Getter II (a silver 1996 Ford Taurus named in honor of the Grocery Getter, a white 1994 Ford Taurus) doesn't have a very advanced technology stereo, the CD's don't play out of all the speakers, so there was a lot of time catching up on interstate radio.

Most especially Florida interstate radio.

You learn, while listening to Florida interstate radio, how much you really miss New Orleans city radio - that can pick up the Rajun Cajun and 90.7FM. But that's a whole other post on geographic culture as affected by radio...

Anyway, the drive from Island City to New Orleans will get you a lot of country stations, some gospel, a pinch of sports and some heavy metal (thankyouthankyouthankyou Tallahassee) so the Bandit and I discussed country livin', appraised songwriting skill, debated religion, examined the wisdome of the individuals behind Crimson Tide college football, and rocked out. We also came across a patch of drive where the Rush Limbaugh show rang clearly into the vehicle.

You want entertainment? Hear the conversation between a guy whose full nickname is "The Brantley County Bandit" who is the Republican Who Doesn't Know Why and me, the Southern Liberal who represents the Party Wing of the Democratic Party.

The really funny thing was the topic matter of the angryadio show. It wasn't Rush, he was passed out in some other room of the studio because he shoulda took the blue pill or something, and someone who wasn't as good as Rush was on the air. He was discussing how shady Barak Obama is.

Here's his example: There was some expensive land in Illinois. The land was split up into two properties. In 2005 Obama bought part of it for $1.6M approx., and a shady political insider bought the other part for $600K. That makes them neighbors.

Ready for the scandal? (We had to wait for the commercial break and buildup...)

Here's the big dog: after a year, the smaller property that the shady political insider bought hasn't been developed. The $600K land still sits next to Obama's estate, unused by the owner. BUT! The owner has been indicted for being a shady political guy.

Isn't that awful? That makes Obama absolutely unfit to be President!!! What's worse, and this is an example of ridiculous media bias, there have only been TWO stories about this in Illinois papers. ONLY TWO!!! If Obama was a Republican, it would be on CNN that he has a shady neighbor!!! WE'RE SO OPPRESSED!

I would put forth that maybe only two stories have run about this because it isn't a very interesting story. Obama has a neighbor with shady finances, he has a shady neighbor!! Wow. I guess that's just waay outside the mainstream, hunh? I don't know any Americans who have shady neighbors! I don't know any Americans whose neighbors have been indicted for something! I mean, what's next from this "Obama" guy? Does he have a MySpace friend who was a meanie pants in high school? [ / sarcasm ]

Are you kidding me? As much money as the right wing attack machine spends to dig stuff up and "he has a shady neighbor" is the best they can get Obama on?

Who are the hand wringing, whiny overreactors now?

Funniest thing about this was, when hearing my laughter, Bandit asked me why I didn't think that was shady on Obama's part!!! He said that Obama should have known better than to occupy a house next to a guy who was going to get indicted, what with him (presumed) to be running for President and all.

I told Bandit that if I was ever blessed enough to be able to afford a $1.6M home, you can bet your cowboy boots I'm gonna occupy it, shady neighbor or not. If said neighbor developed said land next to Armstrong Hall, then I'd get the band back together to assail shady ears with rock n roll goodness at high decibels during the wee hours. And yes, if said neighbor did not develop said land nextdoor, my stable of purebred English bulldawgs would know the shady land affectionately as "the throne..."

I was reminded to write this post after reading Jmac's post on Obama, and how, in total agreement with Jmac, I love to hear someone (possibly) running for President saying such things.

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patsbrother said...

Um, duder on the radio appears to have left out the parts of the story that actually appear shady. As a listener of the evil liberally-biased media that would NEVER report on a story of shady deals and Democrats, I knew about this deal long before Pat's trip back to New Orleans. And apparently I got more details on it than Pat and Bandit did.

The shadiness, as I recall it, from the mis-informative liberal media, stems from Sen. Obama and Shady Guy buying the properties on the same day, and from Shady Guy's contributions to Mr. Obama's campaigns. The shadiness was the appearance that Shady Guy was giving Sen. Obama a free $600,000 annex to his property without making it legal (and thus making it harder to detect). The shadiness stems not from owning property next to Shady Guy, but from getting a kick-back in the form of land from Shady Guy.

As I recall (once again, from listening to the unscrupulous liberal media), Mr. Obama returned the sums donated to his campaigns given to him by Shady Guy.

Though this is someone similar a story to the more well-known Speaker Hassert affair of the past year (Mr. Hassert bought property in Illinois before pushing through a bill that brought in a highway and increased the worth of the property significantly), there is no known connection between the Shady Guy land transactions and Mr. Obama's actions as Senator from Illinois (unless the evil liberal media has conspired to hide it), and so the Hassert story was probably more important.

Or it could just be the liberal media's bias against shady Republican deals. Whatever. I loosely report; you loosely decide.