Friday, December 08, 2006

The N.S.O. (New Senate Order)

I think Pat's a bit busy responding to chain mail at the moment so here's a Friday story for you all:

It appears that Hollywood Barrack Obama is gearing up to square off against Hillary 'Macho Man' Clinton in Presidentmania 08. Teddy 'The Brain' Kennedy and many other Senate Democrats are trying to be as neutral as possible in order to avoid helping out the losing side. Some Senators like Dick 'The Iron Sheik' Durbin are already taking sides though helping Hollywood form the New Senate Order (or NSO). Allegedly, Macho Man most recently tried to sabotage Hollywood's bid for the Presidency by spreading rumors that Captain Lou Algore would be also be seeking the 08 nomination. Hollywood responded by stealing away Macho Man's girlfriend and manager George 'Miss Elizabeth' Soros and tearing apart his Obamamania shirt for the audience. Fortunately, the Macho Man did not respond with any shirt tearing.

(I originally decided to use a Dawson's Creek motif for this story until I realized I knew very little about the show and that I'd have to spend a considerable amount of time fact checking the references. I at least watched wrestling for a brief while in the 80's so I grabbed some elements from there. One the one hand, those fake wrestling plot lines aren't nearly as absurd as all this tabloid-level political posturing in the Senate. On the other, at least this round of Senate posturing will be over in two years which is a lot shorter time than you'd have to wait after tuning into a wrestling show to see an actual wrestling match.)


Patrick Armstrong said...

I must have an Obamamania T-shirt for Christmas.

Dante said...

I did a search on Google for "Obamamania" and while it did return a few relevant results, it also asked me "Did you mean: abbamania" so I'm a little worried.