Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Out of Touch - ism

"Bush administration defenders see good news in the drop [of applicants for Federal aid]. Those still receiving aid were most dependent before Katrina, mostly single mothers on welfare, while the rest are back on their feet, said Ronald D. Utt, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank.

"From a human suffering point of view, I think it's good news," Utt said. Even for lower-income people who would struggle to pay higher rents in New Orleans while looking for work, he said, "a lot of people have simply found it easier to stay where they are, which are probably places of greater opportunity than New Orleans."

Emphasis mine - HR
Read that one again, and let it sink in reeaal good.

Before Dante can point it out, the press may have misquoted ol' boy. Let's hope so. The Heritage Foundation ain't small beans in the realm of policymaking, and I would hate to think someone like this was influencing the appointees who run the bureaucracy.

This sort of distortion isn't new to folks down in the New Orleans 'part of the world,' but for those of you who ain't around, we'll just say "the rest are back on their feet" quote isn't something an in-touch person, familiar with the situation, would say.

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