Saturday, December 30, 2006

Red Clay Krewe

One thing about New Orleans - I can't go a week without running into another Georgia graduate, student or fan. There are a bunch of folks in the Crescent City who bleed red and black on Saturdays, if you know what I mean, and wear Charles Grant and Stinchcomb jerseys to the Saints games. Couple the fandom (and the hat I wear round town) with the graciously outgoing character of New Orleanians, and I get stopped in the grocery store or coffeeshop with "when did you graduate, baby?"

I got a more important question, though: "Where we watchin' the game, y'all?" 'Cause every one of the Crescent City Dawgs I've run into has talked football with me. Every. One.

So, I'll keep checking the internet till kickoff, but unless I find something good, I'm going to roll the dice and scoot down Magazine Street to - The Bulldog - of all places, and hope some other Georgia fans can be found round the pitchers of Abita Amber.

And for the google searchers... Georgia Bulldog fans New Orleans watch Peach Bowl tonight.

Sic 'em.

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