Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Can't Be True

Remember earlier in the year when the illegal immigration debate was at a fever pitch? Remember some of the political cartoons that had illegal immigrants as the ones who would be building any fence we put on the border?

If you told me it actually happened, I would say you had to be kidding me. I'd say, "no one could be stupid enough, considering that business, to do that." Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Talk about putting short term profits ahead of long term gains... (the workers that is)

Dante said...

On the contrary dadvocate, the illegal immigrants already here stand a lot to gain both short-term and long-term by doing what they can to prevent additional illegal immigrants from coming over. Not only to they cut down on potential competition but they also take the heat off of other forms of immigration reform like stringent deportation and denial of government services that would directly affect those already here.

Fishplate said...

"Golden State Fence's attorney, Richard Hirsch, admits his client broke the law. But he says the case proves that construction companies need a guest-worker program."

No, it means they won't be able to bid so low and still make a profit. Only if they are the only company without illegals will it mean they need a guest worker program.

You cannot simultaneously argue that we need a guest worker program ~and~ argue for a rise in minimum wage.