Monday, December 25, 2006

Yuletide Thunder

(and I ain't talkin' bout the eggnog...)

Merry Christmas from Island City, Georgia. I had some pictures from this morning, but blogger keeps eating them. One is of me sneaking out of New Orleans before dawn on Saturday to a fantastic sunrise (90.7 FM played Georgia On My Mind the moment I got on the twin spans heading east...) The other pictures are of oak trees and the marsh and the rain.

'Cause we got rain, and how. I woke up this morning to thunder (on Christmas!?!) and we're under a Tornado watch currently, as is half the Eastern Seaboard. Any kids who got bikes or skateboards should be truly terrorizing their parents today, and everyone in the least the bars are open.

I've also got a dozen or so people to call back, as somewhere around 10:30 AM, hungover friends began a steady stream of text messages to my phone. It is good to be technologically blessed. So I'll be doing that today, and hoping the rain moves off so I can get that big Christmas bonfire started before folks start coming over this evening to drink all the beverage making materials I recieved as presents.

You cats up north keep warm, and we'll keep the Southern lights burnin' for ya!

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