Sunday, January 14, 2007


Here's some links to a good thrashing of right wing tomfoolery, by people who know how to do it without sounding shrill or whiny.

First in the lineup, usual Birmingham sportsblogger Doug calls out Sean "ShaunHannigans" Hannity. Not because Hannity continues the "Liberals = traitors, America-haters, terrorist sympathizers" vein popularized by the likes of Rightwingers Against Really Real Reality (RARR!!!) subscribers Coulter, Limbaugh & Kristol, but because ol' Sean is doing it wrong.

Now, as much as I abhor totalitarianism of any stripe, I can still acknowledge the sheer balls it takes for someone to pop up and start advocating it, particularly in a democratic society. Sean, when I heard you were actually starting up an "Enemy of the State" feature, I was prepared for what basically amounted to a fatwa. Like Andrew Sullivan, I was waiting for a Two Minutes' Hate. I was hoping to see you call out Democrats and left-wingers at the very highest levels of our government, spew unhinged accusations of the Kevin Bacon chains connecting them directly to al-Qaeda, and order the rest of us to destroy them. I was hoping to be shocked.

Instead . . . you chose Sean Penn. You had a chance to do something balls-to-the-wall crazy, and you punted. I'm disappointed.

Hannity, you're a pussy.
Yessir. Welcome to the beginning of the era of shrill, whiny, milquetoast rightwingery becoming obvious to us all.

Second up, this is a field trip link over to BlueinRedsVille, who isn't posting as much these days (life must be busy on Island City...), but still has time to feature the YouTube video of Keith Olbermann blasting the Administration's new (old) Iraq policy. Yeah. What he said.

Come to think of it, both posts to which I am linking involve the ass kicking commentary that comes from sportswriters calling BS on politics, and both involve calling out 'tough guy' wannabes as pansies.

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liberalandproud said...

Thanks for the link, and for noticing my posting slow down. I hate those, "Sorry for not posting in a while . . ." posts that list excuses. You know how the holidays can be. I'm sure I'm no busier than anyone else. Blogging just slipped way down on the list of priorities after the election. Did you notice that Andre's putting GA Politics Unfiltered on indefinite hiatus? I haven't checked it out in the last couple of days, but he seems to be dropping out of politics (or trying to).