Monday, January 08, 2007

I guess they DO care about families. (WARNING: PDF link)

Gotta love a 4 day work week. According to Drudge, the day off is for the BCS Bowl Championship Game but I have yet to see evidence of that. I'd love to take days off for watching-football-related reasons. Maybe we should make Super Bowl Monday-after and BCS Day national holidays.

Other possible reasons I can come up with for taking today off:
1. Elvis' Birthday
2. Christmas (in Moldova)
3. World Literary Day
4. Jackson Day
5. David Bowie's Birthday
Feel free to post your own in the comments section.

(Note to House Leadership: Don't make a big deal out of the work week until you really intend to do something about it.)


patsbrother said...

Or...Tuesday could simply mark the beginning of legislative activity for the new Congress. My law school semester begins on a Tuesday, yet there are many Mondays on which I have to attend class (I assure you). I assume the same scheduling magic can be worked in our nation's Capitol.

Unless they miss future Mondays (not including MLK day next week), the benefit of the doubt says back off and don't jump to conclusions.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I thought it was really nice of the new majority to let the new minority have their first official hangover day after having to hear about Madame Speaker Pelosi all weekend. Shoulda bought stock in Ibuprofen back in November....

Dante said...

"back off and don't jump to conclusions"

Calm down there, sparky. Wouldn't have brought it up if House leadership hadn't already been harping on the importance of a 5 day work week. Hoyer's claiming they have so much to get done that they need that 5 day week. Seems like they'd need yesterday too according to that logic.

And I'm not sure about law school but the general campus schedule either begins mid-week or ends mid-week to make the number of hours spent in T/Th classes equal to the number of hours spent in MFW classes once you account for holidays (which almost always involves a Monday of Friday). Usually when something of this nature doesn't begin at the beginning of the work week, there's some sort of logic behind the decision. I'm not saying there's no logic behind the House's work week decision, but it probably would've been a good idea to disclose such logic given the situation.

Drudge is being a bit too brutal about all this and coming off as whiny in the process (which is something that sure didn't work for the former Democrat minority), but I see no reason to "back off" my rather tongue-in-cheek response.