Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Vote Only

"Nothing against Florida, but this is just like the “Never Graduate” commercials. Except this time it is for real. Awesome!" - Monolake

I usually don't like the way Rep. Jack Kingston (R - GA) votes in the United States House of Representatives, but on this day, he has made many a man and woman proud to call themselves Georgians.

My question is: why did any of the delegations from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama or Louisiana vote for this resolution? I can see a little bipartisanship in the name of sportsmanship, or in SEC solidarity, but this is Florida, for God's sake. It ain't like Vandy won the title, and everyone had their aww shucks moment interrupted by some disgruntled Kentucky fan.

This wasn't a Cinderella story, it was the Revenge of the Sith, and now we get to hear all about Year 17 A.V.,*

… while I do concede that Florida has emerged as our recent overlord, why do Gator fans insist on believing that history began in 1990? Do your history classes frame the First Gulf War as the American Revolution? - Jmac.

* After Visor


Dante said...

I was glad Florida won because I sure didn't want that cocky, arrogant (and slow no matter how much they whine that they're not) Big 10(+1) conference thinking they were better than the SEC, but I'm equally glad Kingston found time to spend away from his family so he could give Florida the political middle finger. I'm really surprised by this since Kingston's district goes all the way down to the state line. There are more than a few Gator fans living in that part of the state.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to move to Georgina just so I can vote for Jack Kingston. Of course, if some have there way I can cast a vote for him as I drive through. The only team in the SEC I like to see lose is Florida (although South Carolina may be next if Spurrier wins enough games to become his obnoxious self again).

liberalandproud said...

Now, y'all know I'm a gator hater of the first order, but this whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Kingston' s goal these days seems to be to make himself as ridiculous as possible. This attention-seeking behavior is starting to get a little disturbing. Someone call the Supernanny!

Patrick Armstrong said...

Hey, if the US Congress wants to take the time to pass symbolic resolutions about college football, I say more power to the guy or gal who casts their symbolic vote in a way that gets them some press.

Like the kid who wore the "Pepsi" shirt to "Coca-Cola appreciation day" at an Atlanta elementary school, and despite all his other recent shenanigans, Kingston wins this round.

(Now, if we could just get him to start voting against the other evil overlord, Dick Cheney, we may be gettin' somewhere....)