Monday, January 01, 2007

The Other Shoe

Or perhaps the other boot, meeting rear end in Somalia.

The last city is reported fallen into allied hands, the rebels have turned on one another and are looting their own supplies, peacekeepers are requested, and confiscation of weapons is promised in order to end the era of warlords and civil war.

I only hope this holds up, and the 15 year nightmare that is Somalia's unraveling can come to a close. I won't hold my breath on that, but it sure would be a sign of progress for the world, and especially Africa, if this could turn into something positive. I mean, the bar isn't set that high for 'progress' in Somalia, but we can hope and pray.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has gone from late night TV charity recipient to "a traditionally Christian country, with one of the largest armies in Africa;" from basket case to Big Red Steamroller - complete with old Soviet tanks and MiGs. And that happened over the course of about 12 days. Now, that's a PR department...

...and again, I mention Ethiopia's proximity to Darfur.

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