Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank God CNN Was There!!!

While not exactly front-page news, a fact to which I am stunned, CNN has made no small effort to trumpet their fawning protection of the Sweet Baby Democratic Jeebus, also known as Sen. Barack Obama.

It's comforting to know that CNN picks THIS story of the thousands they cover every year to actually go and fact-check. God forbid someone say naughty things about the Chosen One hisself.

Highlights from the article? Oh yes, we've got highlights.

Insight Magazine, which is owned by the same company as The Washington Times, reported on its Web site last week that associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, had unearthed information the Illinois Democrat and likely presidential candidate attended a Muslim religious school known for teaching the most fundamentalist form of Islam.

Now, for those of you not in the know, the Washington Times is the right-leaning DC paper, that usually acts as a counterbalance to the left-leaning Washington Post. However, with the statement that the information was unearthed by minions of Sen. Hillary Clinton, you might think that the Obama-llamas would place the blame there. Yeah, you'd be wrong.

Insight attributed the information in its article to an unnamed source, who said it was discovered by "researchers connected to Senator Clinton." A spokesman for Clinton, who is also weighing a White House bid, denied that the campaign was the source of the Obama claim.

He called the story "an obvious right-wing hit job."

That said, CNN sent their flying monkeys reporters to check out this alleged 'radical islamic school' in Indonesia. When they got there, they found a Westernized private school. Problem solved, and story over, right? Not exactly. See, Sen. Obama attended this school from 1969-1971. Last I checked, it's 2007, 36 years after Sen. Obama attended this school. Perchance has the school changed focus in the past three and a half decades? Perhaps it hasn't, but I wouldn't exactly call CNN's reporting on this story ironclad.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, the chances that Sen. Obama attended a problematic Islamic madrassa in Indonesia back in the 60's and 70's are very low chances indeed, owing to the state of both the Islamic world and the state of Indonesia at that time.

While there have been many abuses of fundamentalist Islam recently, back in those days, only the slightest of foundations were being set for the radicalism we are now seeing today. Most likely, Sen. Obama attended a private school for rather wealthy locals or expats from other nations.

The chances are far more likely, given the changes in the world since then, that Sen. Obama would have gone to a Western school back in the day, that had today become a madrassa, than the reverse. That's just the history of the movement we are facing, however, nothing really important.

Also, one has to infer Indonesia's culture and religious history, which, far and away from perfect, is far more tolerable than the borderlands of say, Afganistan and Pakistan.

Also, you must take perspective into account. I betcha George H. W. Bush went to segregated schools. I betcha Bill Clinton and Ol' Dubya himself probably went to segregated schools, too. I betcha I attended a school that actually rioted in the streets behind rebel flags and threw stones at officers of the law to protest integration.

What does that say about me?

Dante said...

"I betcha I attended a school that actually rioted in the streets behind rebel flags and threw stones at officers of the law to protest integration."

I can do better than that. I went to school in a county that drove out all black people back in 1912. I'm not kidding. In high school 80 years later, there was exactly one black student at our school and she was adopted by white parents. One time in high school I was driving through downtown on Saturday morning and traffic was really backed up. I eventually found out the reason for it was because of the Klan rally downtown. Forsyth County became the lightning rod of white supremacy. Because of those yahoos (most of who weren't locals) Forsyth got quite the black eye as far as racial image was concerned. How much you want to bet that comes up if I'm ever dumb enough to run for political office? I'll bet someone even comes up with a photo of me driving by the Klan rally.

Patrick Armstrong said...

You know we actually have that photo on the "Contingency List" at Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters...

The school I was talking about was UGA, too, so you've got the double whammy on the 'I went to school here...' list.

jpatswanson said...

I saw the CNN coverage and, as an old J school grad, thought it was pretty well handled. The reporter interviewed a current faculty member (can't remember if he was around back then) who claimed that the curriculum had not changed since the time in question and a classmate of Sen. Obama who stated that the school then, as apparently now, was a fairly mixed bag of Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and other students.