Sunday, January 07, 2007

The War At Home

It took the ambulance an hour to arrive at the scene.

In the 1980's, the War At Home was in places like Detroit and Miami. In the 1990's it was in Los Angeles and New York. Now, it is in New Orleans, and one wonders how many times history must repeat itself until the cycle is broken or at least tempered.

A bar I frequent, where many new friends and co-workers patronize, was robbed over the holidays. Now, when we go take a beer at this place, we have to walk past the security guard with the AR-15 in hand.

But that place just got robbed. The murders keep piling up, and breaking the hearts of the folks who are fighting to keep this city alive. While parades started rolling yesterday, so did the funerals, and you have to wonder what a full life it would have been for folks like Shavers or Hill or...

The city will be redeveloping an area of the riverfront in the near future. Here's my suggestion they memorialize those who have died defending New Orleans. Cut their names into stone and put something up there on the walls around this town.

This was not the way New Orleans wanted to ring in 2007. Heartbreak piles on heartbreaks from all sides; emotion boils over and the venting begins in earnest. The Mayor promises action, and then eats cake.

Hopefully, mercifully, the public discontent will demand real change, and like in so many great American cities that have faced down crimewaves before, New Orleans, too, can overcome.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure this is just a NOLA thing. Many cities had increased murder rates in 2006. Cincinnati set a record.

But it sure does make it hard to rebuild or improve. The areas surrounding Cincinnate are growing like crazy while Cincinnati loses population. What will happen when there's no one left to rob?