Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day Roundup

I've been getting "Happy VD" texts on the phone all day long. Nice play. In the interest of pandering to you happy couples out there I submit these items for your perusal:

Bulldog nation expansionist tendencies continue as Crescent City blogger Jmac and the Missus are expecting. Congratulations and accolades.

I usually mock scientific studies about obvious stuff, but when a husband and wife team up to figure out the subconcious reasons husbands and wives don't listen to one another, it can be an absolute jewel.

I'm still waiting on my damn sandwich...


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dadvocate said...

"People with a tendency toward reactance may nonconsciously and quite unintentionally act in a counterproductive manner simply because they are trying to resist someone else's encroachment on their freedom,"

I suspect this describes me quite accurately. I certainly have a strong dislike for, in my perception, someone else's encroachment on my freedom.