Saturday, February 10, 2007

The War with Iran

Some Democrats may think they won elections in November because Americans are tired of the Iraq war. I'd say one of the reasons they got elected in November is that Americans are tired of the war with Iran, and we haven't even officially begun that misadventure yet.

This week, there was even more rhetoric and saber rattling from high offices in both nations. Y'all remember how every football coach says he's happy coaching where he is, but then three days later skips town en route to another job? Yeah, well, the Bush Administration's been saying for the past several months that "we don't want to go to war with Iran" and it is sounding more and more like the same line. We've known for a long time that the neoconservatives want Iran, and with Ol' Dubya weak in his last two years in office, they may never get another shot. The leaders of Iran, even the real leaders, are chiming in, too.

Hope y'all are ready for the big war, 'cause this one ain't gonna be pretty.

The Bush Administration has already been making their case for war with Iran since the 'Axis of Evil' statment in the SOTU many years ago. Now, we lay out the cause for war, "Iran is attacking US troops." Let that sink in for a good moment, as that is how we have justified every war (save the war with Iraq) since the Revolution. However, after the Iraq War intelligence failures, how far do we trust this administration this time around? My Pops raised me on a story about a boy who cried 'wolf,' maybe they have a different story wherever Dubya's from.

What gets to me is that the US is content to make weapons found in every other battlefield in the world, but if the Iranians make weapons used against us, it is going to be used as a cause for war. I wonder when we're going to use that logic and finally shut down Russia and China for manufacturing the most efficient killer of US troops this century, a rifle called the Kalashnikov.

But oh, those nations have nuclear weapons, we have to deal with them through diplomacy. Is there no better case for Iranian development of nuclear weapons? Notice how their enrichment program suddenly kicked into overdrive soon as the words 'Axis of Evil' escaped the mouth of our President.

Need I mention as well that, at the time those three words were uttered, Iran had a pro-reformist leader whose appeal to the youth of Iran was that he could push a more pro-western agenda? The 'Axis of Evil' nonsense delivered Iran into the hands of their current President, whose reality-defying rhetoric is reminiscent (if far more delusional) than our own. Before "the Beard" was President in Iran, we had a chance for true engagement with Iran, and sanity would have encouraged us to take it. But the neocon eggheads want Iran under the control of the Shah again, 'cause that worked out so well for us the last two times, and will settle for nothing less than that. Even though we do business with China on a very normal basis, a nation far worse in terms of human rights violations and far more dangerous (and we won't even get into our logic-defying alliance with Saudi Arabia's Wahhabist government), this Administration outright refused to even speak with pro-reform members of the Islamic Republic back when there was even such a thing.

Thanks for letting y'all's ideology screw us so badly down the road, fellas.

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