Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Degrees of Seperation

Watch how this works:

Maitri points out that Slate gave mad props to Dangerblond by linking to her quote about Mr. Chocolate Conspiracy. It's a good quote. Link over and read it.

In other administruvia, People Get Ready moved from Blogger to People Get Ready (Wordpress) in December, and now has moved to People Get Ready (Where?).

Is it worth it to keep up with a blog that moves so much? With posts like The Conspiracy of One, you bet it is.

In final Chocolate Conspiracy news, there are some t-shirts floating around the city with this logo on them. I must have one. Luckily I know the cat who designed it.

Vive le resistance chocolat!


Brian said...
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Schroeder said...

Let me try that again ...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It was a challenging move, and now, have completed the transition, I felt some nostalgia for the good old Blogger PGR. It seems no like a different time and feeling occupied the city then. We were frustrated, but we had hope. Now, it feels like it's just a battlefield to hold the line until the logistical screwups get resolved and the supply lines finally get to us.

Yeah, cool T-shirt. Although Che's mystique doesn't really square with Nagin's anti-populist appeals to racial excuses for the recovery not going forward, instead of substantive dialog, and overseeing a more inclusive process.