Thursday, March 15, 2007

Environmentalism done right

Instead of a jet-setting former VP telling us we should conserve energy while his mountain chalet is powered by burning old tires and small children, someone has apparently done something good for the environmental cause. The folks at the WWF (no, not the Wrestling Federation) are using Google Earth to show people the impact man-made mining and mountaintop removal. Concepts like global warming are hard to garner sympathy over because it is hard to prove the man-made aspect of it and it's even harder to prove exactly how bad a thing it is and how soon it would cause things to go seriously wrong, especially given the most public proponents of the cause. This on the other hand is quite in your face and very hard to argue over. Look at the mountain and look at what's happened to it. This isn't some erosion issue or something like that. This is something man has done. It even includes before and after photos. If we could get a little more of this and a little less Day After Tomorrow, you might see a lot more people supporting environmental causes.


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