Sunday, March 25, 2007

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days that reminds me why it is good to live in the South. It was one of those days that reminded me why I fell in love with New Orleans in the first place. All the trees are in bloom; oak, dogwood, cherry blossom - whatever those are in the neutral ground on Napoleon near the river.

Warm weather is here to stay, and you can drive around with your window down and enjoy it. I chose to drive around this morning. "A New Tennessee Waltz" was playing on 90.7 FM as I ran by the burrito stand to pick up some stuff I left there last night, and bantered with my co-workers unfortunate enough to have to spend the morning inside, but they were in good spirits anyway.

From there, I rolled by that French style bakery on Magazine Street (a strange reversal for me in NOLA: I can pronounce the name but can't spell it) and picked up some tasty breakfast goodies. Then to CC's way Uptown to get some coffee and chicory, with just the right amount of space for the perfect amount of half and half. On to my aunt's house, where we ate the delicious goodies and sat on her porch talking about her father and mother and chasing away pigeons who were trying to nest on a rafter. Her stories about my grandparents bring all those memories flooding back and they seem so close at hand - she tells the stories in my grandfather's voice and with some of my grandmother's mannerisms. It is hauntingly beautiful to hear her talk of them, I sat and listened for an hour that was not wasted.

Not too long after, my cousin showed up with her daughter, so for one fleeting moment it was like we had four generations under one roof. That baby smiled up at her grandmother who had just been talking to me about mine and I'd swear, if this didn't look like Heaven itself, you could probably see it from here.

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