Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rounding Out

Today is the 13th day in a row I will work an 8 hour shift or more at some point. I am bone-tired, in further awe of parents, members of our military, and more conditioned members of the foodservice and construction industries who do stints like this for years and sometimes decades at a time.

Tomorrow, I ride to Mississippi to play the blues.

In the meantime, my writing abilities round about now bottom out as parts of my brain start shutting down, so I'll direct traffic elsewhere for your weekend leisure.

Doug over at Hey, Jenny Slater! has some excellent suggestions for American automakers (he also shares, at least for Lent, my no-meat-on-Fridays rule), Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered brings up the question of legalizing marijuana use (they are apparently going after 'grow rooms' in the ATL in an attempt to make their NFL quarterback pay attention to his game instead of extracurriculars), and DADvocate talks credit card reform and immigration. Dr. Morris exhaustively describes the Musicians' Villiage situation going on with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans.

I'm off to the burrito stand that rules my life. I will be attempting to hit the Circle Bar tonight to see the Black Rose Band and hope they have produced a CD at this point.


dadvocate said...

Man, you need a break, a small vacation, or maybe a big one!

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...
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