Friday, March 30, 2007

Where's Your God NOW!!!

Just to clarify, should any sort of medical ailment befall any of you out there in blogger-land, let it be duly noted that i'll not be praying for you. Unless, of course, I don't like you...


Dante said...

From the article: "The researchers didn't ask patients or their families and friends to alter any plans they had for prayer, saying such a step would have been unethical and impractical."

Doesn't this make the grouping somewhat irrelevant? Patients might be prayed for by people who had no intention of praying for them anyway? I would think they'd consider themselves firmly in the "no prayer" category.

I also think they may have their causality screwed up. Is prayer more likely with patient who have a previous medical history of complications (both at the personal and family levels)? I'd wager it is since those who pray sometimes would be more likely to deem the situation serious enough to take the time to pray over it but I don't have any numbers to back that up. Then again, neither do these researchers unless the article is leaving out an awful lot.

This type of study is only useful if people are asked to break their usual habits. Without that, there is no real control group. And I do agree that asking someone who typically pray to not pray for the benefit of this type of research is indeed unethical so I doubt we'll ever see this done right.

Christopher said...

....or they just didn't pray hard enough...and they prayed to the wrong god (ie. not my god).

the lady said...

This is usually the kind of topic I stray from since I seem to be in the "differing" opinion but, what the hell.

I work at a Catholic hospital that prays over an intercom twice a day. People still die. People still have complications. People still have sick babies. In fact, as a patient in same hospital, I was asked at registration if I would like a nun to visit with me before surgery and I said no as clearly as I could. Yet, lo and behold, in walks Sister What's Her Name 20 minutes before my surgery. I had to ask her to leave twice. So, apparently in my Catholic hospital, it's okay to brow beat your patients into begging for a god's help at the last minute.

So as to not say it like SAWB, i most definitely won't be praying for anyone but by all means, DON'T PRAY FOR ME!!!