Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Frenzy

Woke up this morning. Turned on the TV & fired up the computer. I knew what would be there, but I was hoping for something different. I don't know why. Though terrible things happen, it is shameful to see how people in the news are acting today. At least a few folks are calling for rationality and calm.

Hey, Jenny Slater! sums it up well:
All I'm asking is that we spend 24 hours to actually pray, to ponder how we can keep from being part of this, to think about all the times we've committed acts of physical or even emotional violence out of selfishness -- and to make a pact with ourselves that next time we'll pay a little more attention to that voice of conscience inside our heads asking us what that violence is going to accomplish. Twenty-four hours to, for crying out loud, ponder the victims as people and not as potential tools for demonizing someone we don't agree with. There will be plenty of opportunity later on for arguing over the political issues, and plenty of people lining up to do it. Do you really need to join that queue?


sophmom said...

Lovely post. Very well said, Pat.

dadvocate said...

Hurray for Hey Jenny Slater. It's nice to find someone who thinks before they talk.