Monday, April 30, 2007

The Power of Words

I was flipping up and down the radio dial yesterday, and I happened across Hannity's radio show. A caller was mentioning that "If the Democrats had been with us since the beginning, we'd probably have won [in Iraq] already."

I've heard this a few times before, and I always ask "Uhh, What?"

First of all, I thought we already had won in Iraq: in 1991 we won in 100 hours, in 2003 we won in less than 100 days, and several other times in between and after, we could have honestly and truthfully declared an overwhelming military victory.

I also missed the day in high school civics class where we learned that the minority Party of Congress* runs our nation's wars, and that he who held the postion entitled "Commander in Chief" was not responsible for our military policy. I guess an appropriate response to "if the Democrats had been with us we'd have won already" line is "if the Republicans weren't idiots braying at the moon, we'd a won this thing already."

It ain't no Democrats' fault that this President couldn't close a screen door, and decided to take on the Middle East. It ain't the Democrats' fault he has no idea what he's doing in this Mission-Accomplished-But-Not-Quite-Finished-And-We-Can't-Figure-Out-Why-Strategy.

Lady, if every one of the 150 million or so Democratic voters in this country had committed Seppukku in 2003, Ol' Dubya would still have us in this exact position we are in [in Iraq]. Except Donald Rumsfeld would still be Secretary of Defense.

The oversimplifications and outright fabrications surrounding this conflict just drive me flat out crazy, and probably have far more to do with us "not winning this war we've already won" than anyone who stands up and says "give peace a chance."

For example: "This spending bill is very important, and affects troops on the front lines," our President says.

"If the most kickass military on the planet is operating on a six week provisional materiel and ordinance budget, we are in a lot more trouble, as a functioning Republic, than I previously thought possible," says I. What is our supply plan, genius: we get the money from Congress, go online to Weapons Depot and FedEx the howitzer rounds to the front lines?

Thank God this guy wasn't President in 1861.

It is like talking to crazy people. Your Right Hand Thief makes note of this today, and asks some real questions. Too bad the MSM people who make the big dollars don't have the cajones to ask questions like those. We are then linked over to Cunning Realist, who points to one reason we are still at this political and social impasse in America: it is the language, stupid.

* - Except for the last four months.

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