Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shenanigans, of the First Order

This, boys and girls, is why they call it dope.

paT and I had a brief discourse about this article this morning. Quoth paT, "Hand those kids some shovels. It is only 56 days till hurricane season and Daddy needs a new set of levees.".

From my viewpoint, high upon the pillar of unassailable unassailability, I think these morons are lucky the Secret Service didn't just out and out shoot them all. While I wish that the administration of American University would just go ahead and expel all of these fools, in keeping with American University politics, they are more likely to all get full academic scholarships, and tenure...


dangerblond said...

I don't have any problem with this kind of non-violent protest, I wish more college students would wake up and see what's going on around them. I'm not willing to lie down in front of a car, but I wonder the same thing they are wondering - why is this unelected and amoral political hack wielding such enormous power in our government? I think Karl Rove, and all of us, are lucky that most Americans are willing to put up with so much shit before they get ugly.

S.A.W.B. said...

Quoth dangerblond: "I don't have any problem with this kind of non-violent protest,"

yet, from the 2nd paragraph of the article, we see: "Rove was on the campus to talk to the College Republicans, but when he got outside more than a dozen students began throwing things at his car, an American University spokesperson said."

While they don't say if the objects were teddy bears, bear poop, or live grizzly bears, throwing objects at cars as a form of protest is more or less the definition of violence. Had any of the objects struck Mr. Rove or any of the Secret Service agents that were likely with him, it would have been assault and battery, which also sort of falls under the banner of 'violent'.

Regarding Mr. Rove's position as 'political hack', didn't he essentially take over the desk of one James Carville? Carville was also never elected to office, and I can find no real evidence of any 'amoral' activity that has been documented on the great, wide, interweb.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I only think antics like this help Rove & the boys, mainly because things were being thrown. This conjures up such infantile imagery to the body politic that I would not be surprised if someone said it was Rove himself, master of chicanery, who staged it.

I mean, 5000+ New Orleanians took to the streets to peacefully protest both the local criminal insurgency and the government's inability to deal with it, and everyone was adult enough not to throw anything. The difference in behavior makes a powerful point: the population in actual physical danger conducted themselves with dignity - even when numbers and situation could rightly justify a local coup d'etat. The population at AU was in no danger and reacted like spoiled children to someone they merely disagree with.

Spoiled children are rarely taken seriously.

Right now, I'd say Rove is losing nationally. Ol' Dubya is squealing like a spoilt bully who got caught by Mama Pelosi and Papa Reid. His rhetoric drips of desperation and guilt; his administration is coming apart at the seams; and America is waking up to realize that we are in real danger of losing a war mainly because he is Commander in Chief and is incapable of winning it. Right now, the seriousness with which Rove, and this entire Administration, is eroding very nationally and very publicly.

The college kids can protest all they want, that's fine. It is when they start throwing things that makes people pay attention. With every item they throw, Rove's hold actually becomes stronger, because then it is the opposition that starts losing gravitas.