Thursday, April 26, 2007


Prepare yourselves for the greatest idea in e-commerce history. Today is a woot-off. For those not familiar, Woot is a Texas-based company that typically sells one item every day at a fair to excellent discount. You never know what the item is going to be ahead of time. At midnight central the new item shows up and sells until it is gone. Then you have to wait until the next day for the next Woot item.

But then there's the magical woot-off. A woot-off is a continual stream of Woot items being sold over the course of 1-3 days. There is always an active item you can purchase. Once it sells out, the next item is displayed. There are some incredible deals in there but there are also some stinkers. Right now there's a left-handed putter going for $39.99. So for now we have to wait for someone who is left-handed, golfs, visits Woot, and wants this club in order to get to the next item.

So far today's best deal was a 32" LCD TV for $450 plus $5 shipping (It's always $5 shipping). Usually during the course of the woot-off there will be at least one Bag of Crap offering. The Bag of Crap is a random item Woot sends you that is worth at least $1. 9 times out of 10 it's a USB memory stick or some promotional item. Sometimes it's high grade merchandise like a projector, computer, TV, etc. These are quite popular. There's also the Woot monkey. The Woot monkey is a stuffed monkey who has a cape and can be fired off like a slingshot using his arms. The Woot monkey makes a screaming noise while in flight. If you can beat the rush and get your hands on one, it's well worth the $3 each plus $5 shipping.

Even if you don't have the compulsive personality type to enjoy this experience properly, you should at least visit so you can listen to the Wootcast (right underneath the "I Want One" button) and read an item description or two. If you're in the Athens area, 960 the Ref ususally keeps you updated on the current Woot item during their local shows.

(Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Woot. I just think it's the greatest e-commerce site on earth.)

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liberalandproud said...

I do believe you have gotten me addicted to Woot. Thanks a lot, Dante!