Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alarm Bells are Ringing, Willie.

So, let me get this straight: agents engaged in espionage are murdering each other with radioactive poisons, there's a new cult of personality youth movement afoot*, and a fellow NATO member nation comes under cyber-attack, sounding like something straight out of a Hollywood script.

1). It is one thing when American political figures & their ilk make thinly veiled 'America-as-Nazis' refrences; they are engaging in the traditional American political hyperbolic theatre that makes light of such comparisons by calling folks who slightly disagree with you the enemies of all mankind.

It is a completely seperate thing when the President of the Russian Federation, the leader of a civilization whose seminal historical period came when they lost over 20 million casualties while at war with the Nazis, starts making thinly veiled 'Americans as Nazis' refrences. That's just my opinion, of course.

On the Daily Show tonight, John Stewart wondered aloud if these things meant Russia was 'back.'

2). I sure am grateful the neocons's Project for a New American Century lasted a whole seven years. Thanks, guys, we needed to provoke another Cold War as soon as possible.

3). Upon reading this, someone in China is laughing even louder than they were yesterday.

4). One day, DOS attacks will come from the powers that be and will be used against small civilian, on-the-ground-style media. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I know this will happen. When the move is made to shut down the NOLA blogosphere, they will come for Ashley first. That is our alarm bell, and we should make contingency plans accordingly.

5). The 'War on Terror' is not the 'great' challenge of this generation. There are other monsters in the room we refuse to acknowledge, and there are preparations we refuse to make.

* - And this is NOT the original article I read in Newsweek Online two days ago.

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