Monday, May 28, 2007

Better Late than Never?

Let's hope so.

Honestly, ambassadors from the United States and the Islamic Republic sitting down together would have been far more productive about 7 years ago. In truth, probably earlier than that, but the right wingers would never have let Clinton open that door.

From a realpolitik standpoint, we would have been sitting down in a much, much stronger position than we currently are, and we wouldn't have "needed" Iraqi diplomats as "mediators." And the giant elephants present in such a room (the Iraq war, nuclear weapons) would have been much, much, much smaller than they must currently be. Then again, with the neocons, such a thing may have been "the plan" all along.

Is it too late for such talks to be any kind of productive? We must hope not.

On this Memorial Day, as we remember our American servicemen and women who gave the last full measure because of those times diplomacy failed, let us renew our faith in the practice, as maddening as it can be.

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