Saturday, May 12, 2007


Saturday's field trip is over to this post over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered. He's got a YouTube up from the Democratic National Convention of 1992, and one of the greatest speeches I've ever read or listened to.

15 years can change so much, and so very little. But who speaks in a voice like that today? Not many folks, that is for damn sure, because if they did, we would gravitate towards them like moths to a flame.

I know ol' Zell Miller ain't a saint, but ain't nobody's right 100% of the time. I like to judge a man by what he does more than what he says (less he says it real good), and this guy put a million kids through college in Georgia, who might not have gone, otherwise.

I know he done gone plumb crazy, on national tv no less, but anybody who ever came up on them red hills and granite topped mountains knows that we're all going to go plumb crazy someday, some sooner than others, and Lord help us if the cameras are rolling when it happens. It may be the moonshine, it may the the way a banjo rings when you first pick one up, it may be all the demons that come from bein' descendants of storytellers, we ain't quite figured it out, yet, and we ain't sure we want to.

So that's that. I like to wonder what would happen if Clinton had picked ol' Zell instead of Al Gore. I wonder where we would be today, as a nation, if that seemingly small decision had been made a different way. Maybe they'd talk about Georgia with the same venom with which they talk about Texas. But maybe not. Who knows? It's something to think about, though.

But I did figure out where John Edwards gets his hairstyle template....

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Leigh C. said...

On "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" on WWNO this morning, they did a greatest hits/pledge drive show, and one of their clips featured John McCain playing their "Not My Job" quiz - and a little speech-ending quote from one of his campaign speeches in 2000.

You don't hear many speechifying politicos saying they're gonna kill the competition much anymore, either...