Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Early Kickoff

Not one to wait around for manmade deadlines, Mother Nature has decided to warm us up for the 2007 Hurricane Season with her own verson of a Pre-Season Game: Sub-Tropical Storm Andrea. Though I spoke with the Moms this morning, the report from Island City at 10:45am EDT included not much rain so far. It appears that one is still holding up.


Leigh C. said...

Your mom can always evacuate to NOLA, right? ;-)

sophmom said...

We really need the rain. Actually, I really need the rain. Specifically, I need a deluge in Dunwoody tomorrow, late afternoon or early evening, as my baseball team is scheduled to play at 8:00. Being comprised primarily of 17 & 18 year old bad boys (with one 19 & a couple of 16s thrown in for luck), it's virtually impossible for me to get 9 of them to come play baseball at 8:00 on a Friday night (at least 9 sober ones).

Still, even after watching that weird disorganized low churning out there for these last days (ewww...that's uncomfortably familiar) it was a vaguely nauseating shock, ominous and foreboding, to see a named storm so early. *sophmom shivers a bit*

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

My Mom has a hard enough time 'evacuating' to Brunswick, even to go shopping. Like a vampire that cannot cross running water, her powers end at the Frederica River.

She reads this blog too, so I'm in truuuuuuuu-ble. Hi Mom.