Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Flagpole Music Votes

(Or, how I would have voted if the ghost in the machine hadn't eaten my vote and never got my confimation to gmail earlier this evening...)

Jazz – Scott Leon O’Day Quartet

Experimental – Diet Rockstar
I hate experimental music. But these guys sound a lot like Primus, the exception to my rule, so they get my vote.

World Music – One L

Country / Americana – Caroline Monroe

Folk – Mad Whiskey Grin
Nice to have blues and bluegrass lumped into this category.

Cover Band – Contraband/Megaband
A band covering the Konami’s Contra soundtrack? While the video game itself is played at shows on a screen? How can I NOT vote for this?

Hip Hop/Rap – Ishues
While I would like to give some props to the new artists, my vote in this category will go to Ishues as long as he calls Athens, Georgia his home, or someone brings a game so tight to dethrone. This is a vote for more than artist loyalty or fandom, this is about the genre as a whole.

DJ – Uhh, DJ Bulldog Purp?

Punk – gUFF

Jam – Perpetual Groove
The name says it all.

Pop – PUSH!

Solo Artist – Ken Will Morton

Rock – Southern Bitch

Hard Rock (are there any real hard/heavy rock bands in Athens?) – We Vs. the Shark

Album of the Year & Album Cover Art – Greetings from Athens: a Drinking Town with a Music Problem

Up & Coming Act – Levi Lowrey



Jmac said...

Caroline Monroe does, indeed, rock.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

If I was still in Athens, you'd best believe I'd be auditioning for her band. Soon as she makes it, people are going to be all like "Nashville who?"

I'm simply amazed at the amount of good (and real) country music that has been coming out of the Classic City in recent years. Better than 90% of what's on the radio.