Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If You Write It,

they will come.

No pun intended.

I have run across the most explosive thing you will read on the interweb this month. Right now, the sound you hear are the thousands of keyboards clicking away at this one, because the idea is simply so good, it cannot be ignored. Common thread, with literally millions of possible variations.

Folks: "How to make love to a ________ fan." That link leads you to the idea and also the instructions on how to make love to a New York Mets fan. (Strange enough, the only jersey I own is a Mets jersey, so that makes me grin. I'm onna be wearing it all weekend, now.)

The idea, like Gatorade, springs from places oft despised, but that don't keep you from drinking. Orson Swindle at EDSBS tunes in with this one to help kick things off, bringing whole new meaning to the phrase "F#*% Florida."

After spending last football season in New Orleans, I can't wait to see what some of the NOLA bloggers come up with for the "How to make love to a -Saints- fan".

UPDATE: 6:12pm CT.

The next two installments are in, including How to make love to a St Louis Cardinals' fan, (hint: it involves cuddling and custard), and, perhaps the mother of all blog posts: How to make love to a _________ fan; Tennessee Edition over at EDSBS, which may be, after that post, the single greatest blog on the planet, guestbloggers and all. You get that distinction if the words "The erotic potential of deer carcass had previously escaped my notice." ever show up in the comments section (no: 56).

Thinking about any woman 'sweating Boone's Farm' ... even a Tennessee fan ... priceless.


Leigh C. said...

Hah! I'M a Mets fan!

Plus, I have two generations of Tennessee alums in my family. Don't know if I should forward the Vols one to my granddaddy if and when it appears, though...

Dante said...

I've been to many a Falcons vs. Saints game and I can say with all certainty that any first step on the road to making love to a Saints fan should involve a paper bag and a head. Remember that a plastic bag should never be used as it could lead to suffocation.

Leigh C. said...

Ooookay, I'm NOT forwarding the Vols thing on to my granddaddy, even if it IS funny as all hell.
Mom might appreciate it, though. She's a UT alum, but she HATES "Rocky Top".