Monday, May 21, 2007

Nine. Damn. Years.

Hell, it's about time? You ain't kiddin. The King Nerd that lives somewhere in the back of my brain dreaming in pixels just woke up screaming, 'cause he just found out about this tonight.

I already gave you the report on movies I couldn't wait to see. Now this? I'm reminded that some of my generation's best stories don't come from the movies at all. Or, more accurately, they happen when you mix all the movies together at once. This is one I might watch for 60 hours. Straight. I hope I've got enought bandwidth, because I'm about to serve SAWB up Pittsburg style over a basilisk husk.

There goes the galaxy. Again.


Dante said...

Given Blizzard's usual track record, now that they've announced it we'll only have to wait about another 9 years until there's a beta testing phase. Then a couple of short decades later there will be an actual public demo. About the time we're ready for retirement we'll have Starcraft II available in all its glory. Cool.

Personally, I'm still waiting for Command and Conquer 3 to drop enough in price to be worth getting. I was a little disappointed by Generals. I hope 3 can be what Tiberium Sun wasn't. I'd still rather see a Red Alert 3 though. Tesla Coils rock.

levi said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about my music. I really appreciate the support.

Levi Lowrey

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Sure thing, Mr. Lowrey. Good music deserves high praise. Next time I'm up round North Georgia way, I can hopefully see you & the band live, though I do have a DVD with you onstage with the Bearfoot Hookers. Or, you could just go ahead and play New Orleans, and save me the commute.

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