Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wanted: Good Presidents

This will not mean what you think it means.

Many moons hence, an extraterrestrial residing in a human costume somehow became appointed to the Presidency at a certain University in Georgia that I attended in the past. The way this individual runs the certain University caused great consternation in the population of said certain University's student body, alumni, faculty and supporters statewide. There was a long laundry list of tangibles and intangibles that made the faithful question "how did this [censored] get to be [censored] President of the [censored] university?"

Threats to this man's property were flown over the stadium during home football games. Protests were organized. Billboards in and around the state of Georgia and the city in which said University resides went up encouraging membership to websites and organizations formed against this individual. General revolt was discussed, seriously, and civic disobedience was considered.

What really ticked off a lot of people was that the University kept getting 'better' by the stuffy standards of academia (so our degrees were worth more) but the culture at said University began to suffer.

There is a certain percentage of hell raising creativity that must be present in student body, it appears, in order to keep alive the things that are good and right about a major Southern university. And we try to carry that torch as long as possible.

But this college is simply the greatest school in the land. It will survive the current administration and be better for it. We all know this. It has to do with more beatiful and irrational faith. This makes opposition begrudging at best. We like our new East Campus stuff. We like the new renovations to some dorms we used to live in. We like that they repaved streets around the place because getting around is easier. But, dammit, we shouldn't have to suffer a fool to get those things.

But for all that fool's sufferings, at least he isn't this guy who is apparently dismantling Tulane. I mean, could you imagine what would happen if, at the Georgia university of which I speak, we got rid of the Business School and started driving out all our Journalism professors?

Rioting would ensue.


Christopher said...

One should always support a man who spends $150,000 (or whatever ludicrous sum it was) to decorate his office...that is THE sign of a great leader.

the lady said...

don't forget the "i'm with vince" bumper stickers, because said school of Georgia prefers its athletic director over the idiotic, money spending, hit every limb on the ugly tree with his bad hair rug president!!!

sophmom said...

He's still there?! I should pay better attention.