Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What He Said

I'm specifically speaking about John Barry's piece in the Washington Post. (HT: Oyster.) Simply put, easy to understand, devestatingly effective. Answers the questions of taxi cab drivers everywhere. Could redefine the entire debate.

Makes me wonder, again, why we even have this debate?

After all, we rebuild Florida, on average, every two years. And that was just from hurricanes. Now, when that particular place isn't being destroyed by water from the ocean and water from the sky, it is being destroyed by fire. And we'll rebuild them from that, too, with little debate.

This is the United States of America, the most ingenious nation ever to grace the face of planet Earth. We never backed down from an engineering challenge before. Sometimes we engineer ourselves into a mess, but we can always build our way out of it. That is what has always been part of the American spirit. I just wonder why engineering our way out of the current mess is proving to be such a hassle on the front end....

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