Thursday, May 03, 2007

What isn't beer good for?

The University of Queensland and Foster's Brewery have collaborated to build a microbial fuel cell at the Brisbane brewery. This fuel cell takes brewery waste water and some sugar-consuming bacteria as input and outputs electricity and clean water. I wonder if this could be used at universities. Last I remember consuming brewery waste (I think it was PBR), one of the byproducts was what appeared to be straight water. I wonder if I could've pulled an Uncle Fester and powered my own light bulb. I also wonder what this will do to the price of vegemite.

FTA: "It's not going to make an enormous amount of power — its primarily a waste water treatment that has the added benefit of creating electricity," Keller said.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I hope I'm not alone in thinking this is the best idea evar.n Who knew that the way we lived in the dorms was actually more conducive to sustainable living?

I can already see the Alternative Engergy Man Law Plan from the Men of the Square Table: drink as much beer as possible, so we can produce as much electricity as possible. "I'm not drunk, occifer, I'm helping decrease dependenshy on fern oil. And, I'm shaving the planed from gobal werming. Wait a minit, where's yer beer, sir? I should write you a ticket..."

Now all we need is an electric F-350 Supercab and some strippers.

Goodbye blue laws, hello Christmas lights on all year long.