Wednesday, June 27, 2007


All the Dawg fans are going to want to go and vote for "The Best Female College Athlete" category. (You have to scroll down the list on the right.)

All the New Orleans Saints fans are going to want to go place a vote in the "Best Moment" category. There are also several places to vote for Peyton Manning, for you NOLAn Tennesseans. Everyone else can either pay homage to new collegiate overlords Flordia (which I won't do) or give props to the best game of the year (Boise State v Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl).

I've made my votes. You know you want to.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Oh yeah, Saints fans, Drew Brees is up for best NFL player, as well.

the lady said...

hey SAWB--drogba is up for best international male athlete. go chelsea!!!

liberalandproud said...

Vol fan right here in GA! Not that I would necessarily vote for Peyton. What a douche!

liberalandproud said...

By the way, I was able to vote for Vols plenty of times, thanks to the incredible Lady Vols basketball team. I never once voted for Peyton or the Colts (except when I voted for The Super Bowl as best moment). Lady Vols rock!

Dante said...

I just don't think Boise State v Oklahoma was the best game last year. Best play? Almost certainly. But the rest of that game was pretty meh. Then again, compared to the other two choices I guess it gets the vote.

And you'd have to be a Saints fan to be blind enough to think that Drew Brees is the best NFL player (he's good but under no measurable criteria is he best, especially when compared to either Manning or Tomlinson), but how the heck does Marques Colston miss out on the Best Breakthrough Performance?

I am disappointed in some of the decisions I had to make. Stupid Jeter really is the best MLB player. That goalie for the Devils really is the best NHL player. And like it or not the Spurs are a legitimate dynasty and I did vote accordingly. That sadly makes Popovich one of the best NBA coaches ever and better than anyone else in this year's lot.

dadvocate said...

Went and voted.

Durn! Voted for Candace Parker!

Oh, well. :-)

dadvocate said...

liberalandproud - I was lucky enough to get free tickets for my kids and myself for the NCAA regional championships in Dayton, OH and watch the magnificent Lady Vols blow out Ole' Miss 98-62. Yes, they rock.