Thursday, June 21, 2007

If You're In New York

next weekend.... I truly wish I could be there. The fact that a one of my peoples that I came up with on the Island is part and parcel of his own theatre company in New York City is one of the things that keeps me goin' every day. For every one in my class who ended up in a cubicle, there's one who's out there living the dream. Matt and I shared stages together from the time we were both 8 or 9 years old until we were both 18.

My brother recently had possession of four or five photo albums that prove this fact.

Soon, soon the really real job will allow me to do silly things like take off to New York for a weekend and drink beers in Astoria with old friends, skin still stinging from the house lights, ears still ringing from the cheering of the crowd.

Break a leg.


liberalandproud said...

I was in a show with Matt at the Island Players, until he had to drop out to audition at Rollins. Of course he got in on a scholarship! Went down to see him in Anything Goes his freshman year. Can't say I blame him for changing his last name to Nichols. Was going to write his real last name, but just can't spell it. That much talent in such a little guy really should be illegal.

the lady said...

one of these days, you'll decide to live the dream at your feet too...but something always stops you. what could that be?!?!? i don't know, maybe YOU!! oh dear cousin pat, if only he could see himself through others eyes...but the lady wonders if he has a deadline for dream living too.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

"Rock and roll means well, but it can't help tellin' young boys lies."

Matt chose theatre, I chose rock & roll. We're seeing how each is turning out. Though he will have to bring his troupe round here if NOLA gets this 'Broadway South' idea up and running as well as they ought.

Once, in senior year, Matt, Jacob (who chose art), and I got up on stage and, for the variety show, played rock all day at high school. He hit the vocals for "All Along the Watchtower" so well, it almost brought the auditorium down brick by brick. Best vocalist I've ever heard, ever.

Leigh C. said...

Once a ham, always a ham, eh, coozan? ;-)

Find one of the Greek places in Astoria when ya get there. Good eatin', good drinkin', but not cheap, really.

dadvocate said...

It's pretty cool when someone you have known since a kid makes it big (or fairly big). Best of luck to Matt and I hope you both maintain a close relationship.