Monday, June 11, 2007

Island City

Sunburnt and hungover before 6pm Eastern Time Sunday. That counts as an absolute personal best. All that despite showing up in a State with Blue Laws. Luckily, you can still get Patron Silver and margaritas from local restaurants. Had lunch with Sprout and Owed Many Beers. Owed Many Beers had planned on stopping for lunch only, but even his iron willpower was no match for shots of Patron at Bubba Garcia's. But lunch can last for four hours on Island City, we made it that way for a reason.

(That's right, after working in a Mexican-themed restaurant on Magazine Street in New Orleans, the first place I go out on Island City is, you guessed it, a Mexican-themed restaurant. We like to call that diversity.)

And it was only after that that I went to a party down in the Village. Two very good friends are leaving the tropical climes for Ohio, and everyone turned out to see them off. Most of my time there was spent re-hydrating, remembering the old Island City days (there were three people at said party that I have known since Kindergarten, and several I have known for over a decade) and talking about New Orleans. The nearly consensus decision was that I need to buy a house in NOLA as soon as possible and keep a guest bedroom open for visitors.

Today has been cloudy, so I've been sitting on the Mom and Pop's front porch, drinking coffee and reading books. Beach and golf blogging tomorrow.

Perhaps I will find LiberalandProud or CoastalCompanion for drinks later on.


Leigh C. said...

Sounds like THE life, dude.

Morwen said...


Get your buns back down here and buy a house.

We'll find you a nice New Orleans Lady.

andlee said...

How strange to come to your website and see a pic of my hometown! (I pass through your blog every now and then, via Ashley's.) Going home next week, and I'm sure I'll end up at Bubba Garcia's. Small world. The only place that I'd ever want to live again, other than NOLA, is SSI. Thanks for a shot of home.

liberalandproud said...

I'm right here, and boy could I use a drink! Just had lunch at BG last week. Unfortunately had to go back to the office, so no margaritas for me. How long ya here for?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Leigh & Morwen: I definitely have had to explain to many a New Orleanian that the laid back pace of life we enjoy in the Crescent City is actually a faster paced life than I am used to. The funniest part is when native New Orleanians try to tell me about how hot and humid it is going to get.

Andlee? Your hometown was Island City? Oh dear. I wonder how many of the same people, and skeletons, we know of. When you are home, definitely go by BG for lunch. Hit Crab Daddys or Tamichi for dinner. Southern Soul BBQ, Pub & Coffee is also an excellent place to spend an evening. I will be blogging about them shortly.

L&P: I'll be back in town on Friday, hangin' at the beach, dining at the aforementioned CrabDaddy's and bellyin' up to the bar over at Marsh Point. Probably in that order.

liberalandproud said...

I'll head on over to Marsh Point Friday night then. We might actually run into each other somewhere in the throng. Hopefully the weather'll be nice enough for you to get some beach time on Friday.

andlee said...

I'm a bit older than you, Cousin Pat--graduated from Glynn Academy in 1987, went to UGA and then moved to NOLA in 1998. Robert, the guy that owns Bubba's and Gnat's, is my uncle (or ex-uncle, officially). Will probably go to Bubba's for dinner tomorrow night and then hit Halyard's or Bennie's Red Barn on Friday, after a day at the beach. Sunburned and hungover by 6:00 p.m. is my plan for the weekend. Can't wait until I'm driving over the causeway tomorrow afternoon, as that gorgeous view of the marsh always means I'm home.