Thursday, June 07, 2007

It is Official

Rule of law no longer applies. We've suspected this for some time, with much evidence to build our case, but this is the end all be all of examples. Our own enforcement agencies, with a few notable exceptions, are now selectively enforcing the laws of the land, and calling press conferences about it. If you don't plan on incarcerating someone for a crime, why bring it up in sentencing? If you don't plan on enforcing a law, why have that law at all?

Paris is a worthless celebrity with no talent whatsoever. She is one of the worst examples of American upper class largesse. And now she is above the law in the State of California.

You and I would all still be in jail, and it would be real jail. Not, "I-get-to-see-my-own-psychiatrist" jail.

1 comment:

the lady said...

and the food would be stuffed down our throats, not quietly taken away and reported to her shrink that "poor little paris isn't eating and she's cold in her cell with only three blankets and no pillows."

life of celebrity, i guess